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Our goal at Akkure is to cure disease one genome at a time.

Akkure was founded in 2019 by Professor Dr Oran Rigby to allow individuals to unlock the value of their own medical data whilst maintaining complete control over if and when they share that data, and with whom. By integrating science, technology, data, and human expertise, this untapped resource of medical grade data can be utilised to work towards our ultimate goal – curing disease one gene at a time.

We utilise blockchain-enabled technology so that the data is entirely secure and can be accessed dynamically only when permission is given by the individual who owns the data – and this permission can be revoked at any time.


Akkure Team

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    Our Vision and Motivation

    Our ability to engineer biology will fundamentally transform how we diagnose, treat, and manage disease. Today, modern tools enable us to to program biology with greater precision and sophistication including cells that are engineered to attack cancer. The explosion of “programmable medicines” (in the form of genes, cells, microbes etc) are today leading us closer than ever before to that holy grail of medicine, the cure.

    Because these new medicines are engineered systems and programmable in nature, drug discovery and development will move from a generalised non targeted approach to a highly personalised and precise process. We can now move from designing a molecule with limited benefits for a large number of people to designing molecules for specific individuals with 100% impact. Like software upgrades, programmable medicines make it increasingly possible to improve a given medicine in subsequent generations.

    All of this is powered by the ability to generate data that we’ve never had before, plus sophisticated computational tools (AI and machine learning) to make sense of them. Biology is incredibly complex —maybe even beyond the ability of the human mind to fully comprehend. AI-powered platforms have the potential to connect dots that have before looked like noise, leveraging massive data pattern recognition, with genomics being the greatest database of all-time.
    Generating new discoveries, finding new cures.

    This will drive both new therapies and next-generation diagnostics that give us the ability to detect diseases like cancer earlier and earlier, perhaps even stopping disease before it begins. Hence big data, derived from millions of collectivised individuals contributing live streaming anonymised multi-source health data, becomes the basis for cures. Building the infrastructure to enable the creation, hosting and sharing of these assets is the first step in building the road to the promised land of personalised therapeutics.

    Our Team

    Prof. Dr. Amy Hollingworth

    Prof. Dr. Amy Hollingworth


    Chief Medical Officer

    • Senior Physician & specialist in Respiratory medicine.
    • Appointed as the youngest Lung Transplant physician in Australia
    • Professor of Clinical Medicine with University College Dublin
    • Senior Consultant Physician at the Beacon Hospital, Ireland’s largest private hospital.
    • Specialist focus in Female Precision Medicine

    Prof. Dr. Oran Rigby


    Chief Executive Officer

    • Specialist in Intensive care Medicine & Surgery, 25 years of expertise
      2014 Churchill Scholar – Dame Joyce Daws prize for robotics & Telemedicine
    • A/Prof of Robotics & Autonomous Systems QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Australia
    • Winner of Molly prize for Applied Physics – UCD
    • Foundation Fellow Oxford university Blockchain
    • Visiting Scholar at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
    • Medical Director of Sydney and NSW state trauma service of 240 hospitals
    • CEO ANZ OneView Healthcare $350 Million Listed company on ASX.
    • Honorary consultant in Neurointensive care medicine Cambridge university hospital, UK
    • Senior technology consultant in digital transformation of Royal Flying Doctors Service
    • Serial Technology entrepreneur

    Michael Meagher


    Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer

    • Microsoft veteran leading Software Engineering teams, community-based technology Evangelism, and finally Microsoft’s European ISVs & Startups programs.
    • Co-Founder & COO of Animis Labs, An Adaptive sales collaboration platform.
    • At the forefront of technology-based change that has shaped the software industry for the past two decades.

    Fergal Rigby


    Chief Operating Officer

    • Chief Operating Officer and strategic visionary with Akkure since 2020 and now responsible for daily business operations
    • Leading the Akkure cross functional operations team of 12 across all business units
    • Digital evangelist championing the use of digital innovations in Akkure and ensuring the digital mindset across all verticals
    • Previously EMEA Director of Operations for a US multinational specializing in algorithms, A.I. and digital marketing solutions
    • Former founder of three online E-commerce startups in Ireland with key compliance and security requirements to EU Government standards

    Dr. Daniel Murphy


    Director of Genomics and Bioinformatics

    • Expert in genomics and gene annotation
    • Former Clinical Bioinformatician at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Dublin
    • Former Senior Bioinformatician at Wellcome Sanger Institute and European Bioinformatics Institute

    Prof. Dr. John Crown


    Chair Medical Research Board

    Prof. Dr. Amy Hollingworth on Llinked-in
    • Senior physician and specialist in oncology
    • Former Senator of Irish Parliament 2011-2016
    • Chairman of molecular therapeutics for Cancer Ireland
    • Professor of cancer research at University College Dublin & Trinity College (Thomas Baldwin Research Chair in Translational Cancer Research -Trinity College & awarded the Newman Clinical Research Professorship – University College Dublin)
    • Founder of Cooperative Oncology Research Group

    Róisín Twamley


    Projects & Executive Manager

    • Honours BA from University College Dublin
    • Multiple years experience across several industry sectors
      Former Department Manager in the Beacon Hospital
    • Focused on improving the operational side of Akkure, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

    Felipe Amorim Silva


    Senior Software Developer

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Network Technology (Honours) with previous experience in startups and solid experience in technical leadership, working closely with the team to help them overachieve goals.
    • Experienced software developer with strong background in server and client-side technologies and extensive knowledge of design, administration and support of SharePoint 2013 and Online, PnP JavaScript Core, Node and C#

    William Northey


    User Experience Specialist

    • Master of Engineering with Management from Trinity College Dublin
    • First Class Graduate of the UX Design Institute
    • Former Business Development Manager for a Microsoft partner company specialising in the use of Azure in small to medium businesses
    • Dedicated to making all Akkure services friendly and easy to use

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