About Akkure

PRESS RELEASE – March 1, 2019

AKKURE Genomics is revolutionising the future of clinical Trials by transforming the value inherent in a patients data to ensure a focus on patient centric trials, and shared outcomes rewarding participation and collective digital rights.

The blockchain powered medical incentive platform links patients, doctors and the Pharmaceutical industry. AKKURE will connect patients and global pharmaceutical research companies using a blockchain ID system to capture, store and attribute health data ownership to patients, artificial intelligence to match patients to appropriate trials, and smart contracts to ensure rapid settlement of agreed aligned incentives. Health data will consist of a patient’s medically validated clinical data fused with a patients underlying genetic data (Genome) resulting in a powerful Biosome, that can be augmented dynamically with live feeds (Physiosome) during and after trial participation. AKKURE’s proprietary MedimatchTM algorithms and powerful interfaces allow for the rapid evolution of virtual precision trials, whilst their patented telemedicine interface, Quantum ConsultTM, enables rapid asynchronous tele-trial participation, ensuring the tyranny of distance is no longer a barrier to patient access or equity of care internationally.

AKKURE will use the security and transparency of the blockchain to build an ecosystem that supports and simplifies multi-stage and multi-stakeholder trials. It also provides a portal for pharmaceutical companies that need to engage patient cohorts, (particularly amongst communities with rare diseases and cancer) and attract medical talent for trials. Pharmaceutical companies and global contract research organisations (CROs) on the platform can post new virtual trials and request participation from available patients and doctors they find through the portal, initially via access to their validated, de-identified healthcare data.