Precision Clinical Trial Matching

Whether you’re a doctor or a patient, we understand the difficulties surrounding clinical trial matching and recruitment. Our matching service make clinical trial recruitment simple.

The Challenge

Each year, 80% of clinical trials fail due to the inability to reach their recruitment targets, resulting in missed opportunities for the development of novel therapies.

Requirements for clinical trial participation are jargon-rich, making it hard for patients to know which trials they are suitable for.

Clinical trial databases are unstructured and hard to parse, making finding a suitable trial for your patient a lengthy and tedious process.

New clinical trials begin recruiting participants at an irregular cadence, meaning patients may miss out on enrolment by searching for trials only a few days early or late. 

Our Solution

The Akkure Clinical Trials Matcher utilises Artificial Intelligence to precisely match patients to clinical trials from all over the world, based on the patient’s medical information.

A doctor can perform a clinical trial search on behalf of their patient.

Natural language processing and AI-matching tools translate the clinical trial participation requirements into simple questions.

Patient and doctor are updated automatically when new trial matches are found.

Akkure has already secured ethics approval to deploy their precision clinical trial soultion into Dublin’s St James’s & Beaumont University Hospitals, initially matching clinical trials for epilepsy patients.

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