Meet Our Clinical Trial Finder

Clinical Trials Finder

With 50,000 clinical trials worldwide, each with its own complexity and lengthy criteria that makes it difficult to connect both patients and clinicians to Clinical trials.


The Akkure Clinical Trials Bot makes it easier for patients to sort through the 1000s of trials and connect you with the right trial in minutes.


So many clinical trials working towards new drugs and therapies never even get off the ground as they can’t get the number of patients needed even to begin, and others are delayed for similar reasons.

How it works

  • Using our AI bot answer a few questions about yourself and your health
  • Get a custom list of clinical trials best suited for your health
  • To apply to join a clinical trial, click on the list and we will connect you with a trialist on your behalf


Pharmacies are considered the primary source of care in the community and have always been seen as a trustworthy place to learn about not only health but also clinical trials. Research shows that over 80% of patients would like to hear about clinical trials from their pharmacist

Give your community access to the latest treatments & clinical trials in development

Support clinical trial patient recruitment projects that reflect your commitment to accelerating the advancement of treatments and new therapeutics

Earn revenue for your nominated charities through every referral with our shared value revenue model

Gain new insights into your groups which can support more patient focused content and services for your pharmacy online channel.

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