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We care about your personal data. Akkure Genomics (“we”, “us” “our”), is an Irish registered company providing medical data analytical services on a cross border basis. Protecting your privacy is a top priority for us. This privacy notice explains what type of personal data will be collected, how and why it is collected and to whom it is shared or disclosed.

1. Who is the data controller?
A data controller is the individual or legal person who controls and is responsible to keep and use personal data in paper or electronic files. We are the data controller as defined by relevant data protection laws and regulation.

2. What personal data will be collected?
We collect limited personal data from you during your use of the and we use range data wherever possible to ensure that your anonymity is protected. We collect the following data from you:

Age Range
Phone number
Email address
Your County
Medical condition (if any)

3. What will your personal data be used for?
We collect personal data from you and with your explicit consent for the purposes of creating yourr digital twin. This data is also used for analytical purposes. We may share this data with other medical providers and lab partners for the purposes of building genetic reports and matching to clinical trials.

4. Who will have access to your personal data?

We will ensure that your personal data is processed in a manner that is compatible with the purposes indicated above.
For the stated purposes, your personal data may be disclosed to the following parties who operate as third-party data controllers:
Public health authorities and other medical providers
For the stated purposes, we may also share your personal data with the following parties who operate as data processors under our instruction:
Technical advisors and other service providers that allow us to deliver the virtual consultation service.

5. Where will my personal data be processed?

Your personal data may be processed both inside and outside the European Economic Area (EEA) by the parties specified in section 4 above. We will not disclose your personal data to parties who are not authorized to process them.

6. What are your rights in respect of your personal data?

Where permitted by applicable law or regulation, you have the right to:
Access your personal data held, the purposes and ends of the processing, the details of the data controller(s), the data processor(s) and the parties to whom the data may be disclosed;
Withdraw your consent at any time where your personal data is processed with your consent;
Update or correct your personal data;
Delete your personal data from our records if it is no longer needed for the purposes indicated above, subject to regulatory personal data retention requirements;
Restrict the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances;
Obtain your personal data in an electronic format;
Exercise your right to data portability;
You have the right to file to the relevant data privacy authority. For this purpose, relevant data privacy authorities are:
The supervisory authority of the country where you are resident
Data Protection Commission, Ireland, supervisory authority of the country where we are established
You may exercise these rights by contacting us as detailed below providing your email address and purpose of your request.

7. How can you object to the processing of your personal data?

Where permitted by applicable law or regulation, you have the right to object to us processing your personal data, or tell us to stop processing it. Once you have informed us of this request, we shall no longer process your personal data unless permitted by applicable laws and regulations.You may exercise this right in the same manner as for your other rights indicated in section 6 above.

8. How long do we keep your personal data?

The personal data collected, as referred to in section 3 of this Privacy Notice, will be retained for a period of 12 months.

9. How we handle your data

Your data will never be shared without your permission. You can review, request, update or remove any of your data at any time. Furthermore, you determine who accesses your data and when. The data that you choose to share will enable researchers to develop new precision therapeutics and treatments for patient cohorts.

10. Your data and Akkure
By consenting, you are confirming that you understand that Akkure collects, stores, and processes any personal health data that you choose to upload to our platform, which may include medical, demographic, physiological and genetic information. This is to allow Akkure to share your Medical Digital Twin data with approved Pharmaceutical drug companies and Contract research organisations who specialise in new drug development and whose motivations will include developing new drugs and therapeutics, and researching populations of patients with specific diseases or disorders. Akkure will only share your data, which are anonymised, in instances where you have explicitly consented for those data to be shared. Akkure also processes your data in order to precisely match you to clinical trials for which you are eligible to apply, using our AI clinical trial matching platform

11. How do we store your data?
Akkure Genomics securely stores your data with our GDRP and HIPAA compliant cloud Storage partner, Microsoft using their Azure cloud based solutions and all server used are located in the European Union. Azure is a highly secure cloud solution managed by Microsoft that uses multilayered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

12. Consent
Your purchase of a product or service constitutes your agreement to these conditions and these conditions are a legal agreement between you and By making a purchase on you:

give your consent for the genetic test(s) within this order.
give your consent to provide your genetic data to Akkure’s laboratory partner(s), which can process, store and – should you decide – delete your data in order to create the medical report.
give your consent to provide your personal and genetic data to Akkure, which can process, store and – should you decide – delete your data
consent to the storage of your genetic material for additional tests and/or quality control (for max. 10 years)
consent to the storage of your test results beyond the timespan of 10 years.
give your consent that your genetic material and data can be used for scientific purposes in an anonymised form.

13. How can you contact us?

If you have any queries about how we use your personal data, you can contact us by using the contact us form on

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