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Akkure allows your patients to fuse their clinical data with genetic data, creating tangible biological assets. At the same time this precision-led information powerfully unlocks personalised insights at scale, contributing to vastly improved patient outcomes and access to novel therapeutics and genomic-driven trials.

Akkure is always seeking to partner with hospital groups, to provide advanced precision medicine services for groups of patients at scale. We utilise blockchain and smart contracts to operate cutting edge dynamic patient consent and security of data.

Please contact us to find out how we can support your operations.

Akkure Partner Microsoft Azure
Akkure Partner future neuro
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Our Projects and Partners

Our Partnership with Microsoft runs deep with our full technology stack using the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare through Azure. Microsoft are been a key collaborator with Akkure in the area of Blockchain, AI and secure cloud infrastructure along with a key Research and Development partner to create a highly secure blockchain and AI-enabled, trustworthy, and GDPR-compliant platform, to facilitate access to clinical trials and research studies. They are also members of the BESTS Consortium.

FutureNeuro is Science Foundation Ireland’s Research Centre for Chronic and Rare Neurological Diseases hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. Akkure are founding members of the BESTS Consortium to design, create, populate and test a highly secure blockchain and AI-enabled, trustworthy and GDPR-compliant platform, to facilitate access to clinical trials and research studies. This solution puts the patient at the centre of research ensuring it is driven not just by the data the patient offers but also by their own insights into the process.

CeADAR is Ireland’s national centre for applied AI. We collaborate within the areas of innovation and applied R&D in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics.

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