What is the "Find Akkure" project

AKKURE Genomics Ireland is asking patient cohorts to create their own Medical Digital Twins, to create a library of physiological, genomic and clinical data combined with an innovative system for data accessibility and use. Through permissioned access to their Medical Digital Twins, in partnerships with Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical companies, we can advance the rapid and efficient development of novel therapeutics and new medical technologies.

What is a Medical Digital Twin?

AKKURE is a MedTech company that creates Medical Digital Twins using state of the art technology founded by Prof. Oran Rigby and Prof. Amy Hollingworth. Medical Digital Twins represent virtual copies of a person’s entire genetic makeup. These Twins are a powerful asset, owned by the patient. Digital Twins have the potential to revolutionize the way new therapeutics are developed, with patients lending access to their precision medical data.

Why should I get involved with the 'Find Akkure' Project?

Based on our current partnerships, our initial focus is on cancer and neurological conditions however, we are interested in hearing from people with any medical condition. Our founders have an intimate awareness of the profound damaging impact of neurological and cancer diseases along with the lack of progress in creating any meaningful therapy let alone cure. There is a better way. The convergence of enabling technologies in the form of Genomics and AI-based machine learning will provide new insights into targets for personalised and cohort based therapeutics. For this, we need your help to create powerful communities of Medical Digital Twins.

Will my data be secure?

AKKURE is a patient-centric organisation and we’re building the digital infrastructure to empower patients to create, own, control and deploy their data in the form of medical digital twins, Our technology ensures no third party can use patient data without patient consent. We need to build a powerful alliance of Research Organisations, Doctors, Pharmaceutical Biotech companies and most importantly Patients.

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