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Our Genetic Kits include Pharmacogenomics.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) analyses your genetic makeup in order to gain insights into how you respond to certain medications. It is a personalised approach to medication management that:

  • Eliminates the practice of trial and error prescribing
  • Reduces the risk of adverse reactions
  • Increases the possibility of therapeutic success
Akkure Product
Connect to your Doctor and talk to a Genetic Counselor if needed.

We allow you and your Doctor to plan your healthcare together. You can have your results sent to your Doctor for review, and you can book a session with a genetic counselor who will explain:

  • The meaning of genetic risks
  • How your genetic risks might impact your relatives
  • The impact of incidental findings in genetic test results
Akkure Product
You results will power Precision Clinical Trials.

In today’s world of precision medicine, new clinical trials are becoming more specific with regards to patients’ genetic profiles. Our genetic tests provide the information that recruiters will need, including:

  • The gene variations relating to your condition
  • Your genetic risk of other health conditions
  • Your response to particular drug treatments

Why test with Akkure

Online DNA tests of the past decade or so tend to only examine and report on a small subset of the points within the genome, while Whole Exome Sequencing looks at the complete DNA contained in all of the 23,000 protein-coding genes.

AKKURE’s medical grade genomic sequencing goes a step further, and even examines areas outside of these regions that have been linked to disease, providing an incredibly detailed and comprehensive picture of your patient’s genetic health.

Our laboratory is certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO 15189:2012), whereas the majority of other online DNA tests are not. Essentially, traditional online DNA testing is cheap because it is less sophisticated and not nearly as exhaustive or comprehensive – the technology they use is suitable for producing interesting wellness reports and carrying out superficial genetic studies of popular interest, but not for medical testing.

Testing with AKKURE is the genetic equivalent of a whole body MRI as opposed to an X-ray of a single region.


Finally, along with the whole exome sequencing we also provide in depth pharmacogenomics reporting, which is the examination of an individual’s DNA in order to predict how they will respond to certain medications.

Akkure Whole Exome sequencing and Preventative ScreeningOther online DNA tests
Cancer gene testingCaptures mutations across all genes, reports in detail on 51 genes linked to various cancersTypically only reports on a small number of mutations across 2 genes linked to breast cancer
Medical laboratory ISO certifiedYesNo
Suitable for researchYesYes
Suitable for clinical testingYesNo
Avoids population biasYesNo
Future proof - ability to report on harmful variants found in future researchYesNo
Overlay other panels to report on diseasesYesNo
In depth pharmagogenomics reportingYesNo
Advice provided on appropriate action on finding potentially harmful mutationsYesNo

How it works

We ship directly to you

Your DNA test kit will be shipped from our facilities directly to you. The kit is anonymised during transit and assigned a unique code that is linked to you.

Your order is tracked, door to door

You will be notified by email when your DNA test kit leaves our facility and you can track it all the way to your door.

Our process is secure at every step

We verify your identity to ensure you get what you paid for. Once we know who you are, we will set up your secure account and grant you access with your unique Soul Medical Digital Twin.

We make home DNA testing easy

Our DNA test kit comes with easy to follow instructions that will guide you through collecting your DNA sample and shipping it back to our genetics lab. The test takes about 10 minutes and you can take it at any time, no need to work around a busy doctor’s schedule.

Full transparency during transit

Use the included pre-paid shipping label to ship your sample back to our genetics lab. You will be notified by email when it arrives at our door and can track it all the way there.

State of the art science

Our partner genetics lab is an authorized medical laboratory. Our services comply with the highest level of quality standards and are ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 17025:2017 certified.

Results that are yours

Take control of your health by taking ownership of your DNA test results by minting your account as a Soulbound Medical Digital Twin, which cannot be owed by anyone else. All of our home DNA kits keep your data protected and verified to keep you in full control.

Your DNA, health, and more

Along with your DNA results, your Digital Twin will unlock your Akkure Dashboard where you will be able to update your Digital Twin by connecting your smart watch and connecting to precision medical services.

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