Medical Digital Twin with Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) plus free Pharmacogenomics (PGx) report


At-home Whole Exome DNA test kit with free Pharmacogenomics report.

What is Whole Exome Sequencing?

  • WES determines the DNA sequences of all of the protein-coding regions of genes in an individual’s genome.
  • Our novel WES technique provides even more information as it includes the sequencing of additional regions of the genome that are known to have links to disease but occur outside of the protein-coding regions, thereby providing a complete picture of a person’s DNA as it relates to their health.
  • Furthermore, due to our evolving understanding of the genetic basis of many cancers, your Whole Exome data could be re-analysed to contribute to future medical research. This is not just true for cancer, but for many other genetic disorders.

What is Pharmacogenomic analysis?

  • Pharmacogenomic analysis (otherwise known as PGx) is the examination of an individual’s DNA in order to predict how they will respond to certain medications.
  • PGx is particularly relevant to cancer patients and other individuals who are likely to be prescribed complex medications for disease and pain management.
  • It is a next generation, precision medical approach that enables individualised drug prescription to eliminate trial and error prescribing.
  • It reduces the risk of adverse reactions.
  • It increases the possibility of therapeutic success.
  • By determining how an individual responds to a specific medication, we can help recommend whether a higher or lower dose or a different medication should be prescribed.

How are the results shown?
Our reports are of the highest medical and clinical grade which will interpret, show genetic relevance, and provide recommendations where applicable.

You can find a sample report here 

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