Why test with Akkure

We create Medical Digital Twins, along with the whole exome sequencing with in depth pharmacogenomics reporting, which is the examination of an individual’s DNA in order to predict how they will respond to certain medications.

Accessible from the comfort of your home

Your DNA kit is shipped directly to your door, via tracked registered post.

Your data is Secure

Your secure account is created following a verification of your identity. Only you can access your account using your unique identifier.

Convenient and not invasive​

Simple, quick and easy to take, with a step by step guide to collecting your sample.

Tracked at every step

Your sample will arrive at our genetics lab via tracked registered post, you’ll be informed every step of the way.

State of the art Science​

Our partner genetics lab is an authorized medical laboratory. Our services comply with the highest level of quality standards and are ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 17025:2017 certified.

Be in Control

You own your Medical Digital Twin. Your Akkure Soulbound Medical Digital Twin cannot be owned by anyone else.

Build you health asset Like No Other​

Your Digital Twin unlocks your Akkure Dashboard where you will be able to connect your wearables, upload your lifestyle information and access precision medical services.

Akkure Whole Exome sequencing and Preventative ScreeningOther online DNA tests
Cancer gene testingCaptures mutations across all genes, reports in detail on 51 genes linked to various cancersTypically only reports on a small number of mutations across 2 genes linked to breast cancer
Medical laboratory ISO certifiedYesNo
Suitable for researchYesYes
Suitable for clinical testingYesNo
Avoids population biasYesNo
Future proof - ability to report on harmful variants found in future researchYesNo
Overlay other panels to report on diseasesYesNo
In depth pharmagogenomics reportingYesNo
Advice provided on appropriate action on finding potentially harmful mutationsYesNo
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