Digital Twins

Digitise your DNA to unlock
the next generation of precision medicine
powered by genomics

Create your Medical Digital Twin

Your DNA can be used to create your own unique Digital Twin.

This means you own your most valuable asset, putting you back in control of your health, and opens up the world of precision medicine on your terms.

We’re transforming lives

Creating a new era of pharmaceuticals and personalised clinical medicine through the Digital Twin.

Next generation biopharmaceuticals and therapeutics are being engineered for precision-based treatments at the most fundamental genetic level. This emerging class of precision drugs requires anonymised clinical and genetic data from individuals in order to develop a new generation of targeted treatments and cures for individuals.

By creating and hosting Digital Twins on behalf of clients, we put the individual back in control of their data, allowing them to both contribute to the development of new technologies and therapeutics and in turn be rewarded with access and potentially ownership of the same.

An individual’s DNA is the foundation of their unique biological blueprint. Creating a unique “Soul-bound” Medical Asset – your Digital Twin – puts the individual in control. This asset is owned by the individual and can change and grow as they do, mimicking their health “in-silico”. This facilitates infinite experiments and analytics without any real world side-effects, accelerating the creation of customised new drugs, services and products directly benefiting the individual.

Rather than the traditional “one size fits all” approach to treatment, where disease treatment and prevention are developed for the “average” person, the Digital Twin allows more accurate identification of which strategies will work for each individual.

Supporting Clinical Trial Recruitment

With over 50,000 clinical trials worldwide, it can be difficult for both patients and physicians to find and access clinical trials. At the same time, many clinical trials never even get off the ground as they can’t recruit the number of patients they require.

The Akkure Trial Finder makes it easier to sort through thousands of trials and can connect you with the right clinical trial within minutes. In turn this can provide invaluable access to the patients that trial recruiters need to run the trials, leading to faster completion of trials into vital areas of research and therapeutics.

In today’s world of precision medicine, new and emerging trials are becoming more specific with regards to patients’ genetic profiles. By leveraging your genetics through our genetic screening and AI-matching algorithms we can find personalised trials that work for you – and we will continue to search for new trials as they become available. Matched to you through your Digital Twin.

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