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Transforming Clinical Trials Recruitment


We’re transforming lives

With Akkure’s Medical Digital Twins, we’re creating a new era of pharmaceuticals and personalised medicine.

An individual’s DNA is the foundation of their unique biological blueprint. By creating and hosting Digital Twins, a unique “Soul-Bound” Medical Asset, on behalf of our clients, we put the individual back in control of their data.

A digital twin evolves and changes with the individual, mimicking their health “in-silico”. Rather than the traditional “one size fits all” approach to healthcare, the Digital Twin allows a more accurate identification of which strategies will work for an individual.

This powerful medical asset facilitates the development of novel therapeutics without real world side-effects, allowing the individual to contribute to advancements in medical research, and be rewarded for sharing access to their data.

Supporting Clinical Trial Recruitment

Each year, 80% of clinical trials fail due to the inability to reach their recruitment targets, resulting in missed opportunities for the development of novel therapies.
The Akkure Trial Finder simplifies the trial finding process. Our solution filters through thousands of trials globally and matches you with the right clinical trial within minutes. This increases trial participation, leading to a faster completion of trials into vital areas of research and development of novel therapeutics.

As the world of precision medicine evolves, clinical trials based on an individual’s genetic profile are becoming a powerful research tool. By leveraging your DNA through our genetic screening and AI-matching algorithms, we find personalised trials that work for you and continue to search for new trials on an ongoing basis. Trials matched to you, through your Digital Twin.

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