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AI Cancer Trial Finder for Charities
AI Cancer Trial Finding for Charities

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

Akkure Partners with Microsft AI
Akkure Partners with Microsoft AI

Akkure deploys Clinical Trials solution via partnership with Microsoft AI for Precision Medicine.

Free Cancer Trial Finder
Free AI Cancer Trial Finder for your site

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Guides & FAQ's

  • How do I find a clinical trial?
    Finding a clinical trial is simple with Akkure’s Cancer Trials Finder chat solution. Simply visit and click on the Akkure Cancer Trials Finder (located in the bottom right corner of the page). By answering a simple set of questions about yourself and your health, you’ll receive a list of clinical trials individualized for your details and matched to your condition.
  • Do I need to pay to participate in a clinical trial?
    No, you don’t have to pay to be a participant in a clinical trial.
  • Where are the clinical trials available?
    The clinical trials filtered by our Cancer Trials Finder have locations world wide. Yours are send to you via email by the Cancer Trials Finder.
  • Can I participate in a clinical trial that is in different locations?
    Yes. Many clinical trials are 'decentralized', meaning you can contribute remotely. Involving your Genomic data facilitates decentralized trials.
  • Can I participate in multiple clinical trials at the same time?
    Generally, it is advised to participate in one trial at a time. Consultation with your doctor is recommended before participation in any clinical trial(s).
  • Does Akkure guarantee my participation in a clinical trial?
    Akkure doesn’t guarantee your participation in a clinical trial. We assist you in finding clinical trials that are matches for your individual circumstances.
  • How does Akkure’s Cancer Trials Finder help me?
    Akkure’s Cancer Trials Finder is a clinical trial matching tool that simplifies the clinical trial matching process for patients with cancer. The Cancer Trials Finder will ask you a series of questions to cross reference your information with thousands of trials globally, to match you with those that are applicable based on your condition, age, gender, location and so on.
  • I am not able to find a clinical trial for my condition?
    Unfortunately there are not always trials recruiting for every condition, age group and gender. If you have entered your information in the Akkure Cancer Trials Finder and have not found a match, you will be notified as soon as a clinical trial match is found.
  • Does Akkure contact the researcher on my behalf?
    No, Akkure only assists you in the trial matching process. You must contact the research investigator yourself to confirm your eligibility.
  • Does Akkure play a role in my participation in a clinical trial?
    After the initial matching through our Cancer Trials Finder, Akkure plays no role in your clinical trial participation/outcome.
  • The Cancer Trials Finder asks for my email address and age, is this secure?
    Our Cancer Trials Finder populates the clinical trials personalized to you utilizing the basic details you provide. After consent is obtained, your personal details are secured with the highest standard of GDPR regulations in place. Read more about our GDPR regulations here at
  • How long will it take for me to get the list of clinical trials in my email?
    Your clinical trial(s) list is sent to your email ID as soon as you finish on the Cancer Trials Finder. This takes no more than a few minutes.
  • How do I start over finding the clinical trials on the Cancer Trials Finder?
    You simply have to close out of the Akkure Cancer Trials Finder and click again to start over.
  • Can I use the same email address multiple times on the Cancer Trials Finder?
    Yes, you can use the same email address as many times as you wish.
  • I never received an email with the list of trials. What should I do?
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us an email at to notify us of the problem so we can ensure you receive your list of trials.
  • I’m not sure which clinical trial is best for me from the ones listed. How do I go about deciding this?
    Utilizing your list of personalized clinical trials provided by Akkure, you can work with your doctor and/or primary care team to decide which matched trial is most suited to your personal circumstances.
  • Can I change my answer to the previous question in the Cancer Trials Finder?
    Unfortunately no. If you make a mistake, you can start your search over by closing the Cancer Trials Finder and beginning your search again.
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