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AI Cancer Trial Finder for Charities
AI Cancer Trial Finding for Charities

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

Akkure Partners with Microsft AI
Akkure Partners with Microsoft AI

Akkure deploys Clinical Trials solution via partnership with Microsoft AI for Precision Medicine.

Free Cancer Trial Finder
Free AI Cancer Trial Finder for your site

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

At our core, we utilise AI-powered algorithms to analyse patients' genomic data, a groundbreaking approach that moves away from traditional eligibility criteria. Instead, we identify potential cancer trials relevant to each patient's unique genetic profile.


Our precision-based method increases the likelihood of trial success, enabling the development of more personalised and effective treatments.

Our flagship tool, the Cancer Trials Finder, represents our commitment to improving patient outcomes.


This AI and genomics-driven tool is a testament to our partnership with cancer charities, aiding in their mission to provide the best possible support for individuals affected by cancer.

We also collaborate with governments, leveraging our AI capabilities to enhance national genomic programmes. This symbiotic relationship not only benefits patients and pharmaceutical companies by improving clinical trial matching but also enriches the nation's health overall.

At Akkure Genomics, we are steadfast in our dedication to harnessing the power of AI and genomics for the betterment of cancer treatment. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionise the way we approach cancer trials and to bring us one step closer to a world where every patient receives the most effective treatment tailored to their genetic profile.

Executive Leadership Team
Prof. Dr. Oran Rigby - Akkure Genomics - CEO

Prof. Dr. Oran Rigby


Chief Executive Officer

  • Specialist in Intensive care Medicine & Surgery, 25 years of expertise
    2014 Churchill Scholar – Dame Joyce Daws prize for robotics & Telemedicine

  • A/Prof of Robotics & Autonomous Systems QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Australia

  • Winner of Molly prize for Applied Physics – UCD

  • Foundation Fellow Oxford university Blockchain

  • Visiting Scholar at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

  • Medical Director of Sydney and NSW state trauma service of 240 hospitals

  • CEO ANZ OneView Healthcare $350 Million Listed company on ASX.

  • Honorary consultant in Neurointensive care medicine Cambridge university hospital, UK

  • Senior technology consultant in digital transformation of Royal Flying Doctors Service

  • Serial Technology entrepreneur

Prof. Dr. Amy Hollingworth - Akkure Genomics - CMO

Prof. Dr. Amy Hollingworth


Chief Medical Officer

  • Senior Physician & specialist in Respiratory medicine.

  • Appointed as the youngest Lung Transplant physician in Australia

  • Professor of Clinical Medicine with University College Dublin

  • Senior Consultant Physician at the Beacon Hospital, Ireland’s largest private hospital.

  • Specialist focus in Female Precision Medicine

Prof. Dr. John Crown - Akkure Genomics - CMRB

Prof. Dr. John Crown


Chair Medical Research Board

  • Senior physician and specialist in oncology

  • Former Senator of Irish Parliament 2011-2016

  • Chairman of molecular therapeutics for Cancer Ireland

  • Professor of cancer research at University College Dublin & Trinity College (Thomas Baldwin Research Chair in Translational Cancer Research -Trinity College & awarded the Newman Clinical Research Professorship – University College Dublin)

  • Founder of Cooperative Oncology Research Group

Michael Meagher - Akkure Genomics - CCIO

Michael Meagher

Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer

  • Microsoft veteran leading Software Engineering teams, community-based technology Evangelism, and finally Microsoft’s European ISVs & Startups programs.

  • Co-Founder & COO of Animis Labs, An Adaptive sales collaboration platform.

  • At the forefront of technology-based change that has shaped the software industry for the past two decades.

Dr. Daniel Murphy - Akkure Genomics - DGO

Dr. Daniel Murphy


Director of Genomics and Bioinformatics

  • Expert in genomics and gene annotation

  • Former Clinical Bioinformatician at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Dublin

  • Former Senior Bioinformatician at Wellcome Sanger Institute and European Bioinformatics Institute

About Akkure Team
Heading Background


About Us

Akkure Genomics is a pioneer in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and genomics in the field of cancer trial recruitment. We are propelling a new era of precision medicine, committed to advancing cancer research, and personalising treatment through our innovative solutions.

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