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AI Cancer Trial Finder for Charities
AI Cancer Trial Finding for Charities

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

Akkure Partners with Microsft AI
Akkure Partners with Microsoft AI

Akkure deploys Clinical Trials solution via partnership with Microsoft AI for Precision Medicine.

Free Cancer Trial Finder
Free AI Cancer Trial Finder for your site

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

AI & Genomic Trial Matching
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AI & Genomic Trial Matching

We partner with EMR vendors, medical insurers, healthcare institutions and Genetic sequencing providers, to add an extra layer of ownership and patient control to all clinical data, whilst offering new opportunities to create new revenue streams and real world data insights. The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and genomics has the potential to revolutionise cancer trial recruitment and accelerate the development of new treatments.

Complex Disease Research

Cancer is a complex disease that is influenced by a wide range of genetic and environmental factors.

By analysing the genomic data of cancer patients, we can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the disease and identify potential targets for treatment.


This creates a new opportunity to improve trial matching by identifying patients whose genetic profiles make them ideal candidates for specific trials.

However, analysing genomic data can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, which is where AI comes in.

Akkure AI Powered Genomics Analysis

At Akkure Genomics, we use AI-powered algorithms to analyse genomic data and identify potential trials that may be relevant to cancer treatment.


This allows us to identify patients who may be eligible for clinical trials based on their genomic profile, rather than relying solely on traditional eligibility criteria. 

Akkure Genomic cancer trial recruitment efficiency

By using AI and genomics to assist in cancer trial recruitment, we can potentially increase the number of eligible patients and improve the efficiency of the recruitment process.


This can help to accelerate the development of new treatments and improve patient outcomes. 


This precision approach to oncology can significantly increase the likelihood of success in trials and leads to more personalised, effective treatments

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making the clinical trial recruitment process as easy and accessible as possible. We work with leading cancer centres and research organisations to identify trials that are actively recruiting patients.

Please explore our solutions to learn more about our AI and genomics-powered platforms and how we can help. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

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