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AI Cancer Trial Finder for Charities
AI Cancer Trial Finding for Charities

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

Akkure Partners with Microsft AI
Akkure Partners with Microsoft AI

Akkure deploys Clinical Trials solution via partnership with Microsoft AI for Precision Medicine.

Free Cancer Trial Finder
Free AI Cancer Trial Finder for your site

The “finder” can be easily added to a website and is free to use for both charities and their communities.

Revolutionising Cancer Medicine
Heading Background


National Genomic Programmes & Akkure: Pioneering Precision Clinical Trials

National genomic programmes across the globe continue to revolutionise the biomedical research landscape, pioneering the field of genomics and driving the translation of research into tangible clinical and public health benefits.

National genomic initiatives in countries such as Germany, Iceland, the UAE, Taiwan, the UK, and the US are championing the use of genomic data to advance personalised medicine and enhance our understanding of both rare and common diseases.

Key objectives of these programmes include:

  • Advancing Personalised Medicine: Harnessing genomic data to tailor treatments to individuals' unique genetic profiles.

  • Enhancing Disease Understanding: Leveraging genomic data to gain insights into the genetic basis of both rare and common diseases.

  • Informing Public Health Strategies: Using these insights to inform public health strategies, identify health disparities, and manage population health.

  • Educating and Engaging the Public: Fostering trust and participation in genomic research by informing the public about genomics.

A Multi-faceted Approach to Genomic Research

Incorporating Akkure Genomics' precision clinical trial matching solution into national genomic programmes could offer manifold benefits to national governments and their health departments.

  • Driving Cost-Effectiveness: By enabling precision clinical trials and therapeutics, treatments could be better tailored to individuals' unique genetic profiles, potentially reducing the expenditure on ineffective treatments and avoiding adverse drug reactions. This could result in significant savings for national healthcare systems.


  • Enhancing Data Security: Akkure's patient-centric blockchain permissioned digital infrastructure ensures data security and compliance with data privacy regulations, maintaining public trust and encouraging participation in these programmes.


  • Facilitating Public Health Objectives: The integration of genomic and EMR data could provide a more comprehensive and dynamically updated view of the nation's health status, helping to inform public health strategies.


  • Stimulating Economic Growth: The fusion of genomic data with EMR could foster innovation and stimulate growth in the biotech sector, leading to job creation and attracting investment.


  • Advancing Precision Medicine: The potential of Akkure's solution to advance precision medicine aligns with the global trend towards more personalised healthcare, positioning governments at the forefront of this emerging field.

The Benefits of Integrating Akkure Genomics’ Platform

The integration of a national genomic program with Akkure Genomics' clinical trial matching platform could work in several steps:

  • Data Collection and Storage: The national genomic program would continue to collect genomic data from individuals, either through specific initiatives such as biobank contributions or as part of routine healthcare.  This genomic data would be stored securely in a central database, with robust measures in place to protect patient privacy and comply with data protection regulations.

  • Data Analysis: Genomic data would be analysed to understand the individual's genetic makeup. This could reveal particular genetic variations or mutations that could make the individual more likely to develop certain diseases, or influence their response to certain treatments.

  • Patient Consent: Individuals would be contacted with information about any clinical trials that match their profile. If they are interested, they would then give their consent to participate via Akkure’s blockchain permissioned digital infrastructure.

  • Clinical Trial Matching: Akkure Genomics' platform would use this genomic data to match individuals to appropriate clinical trials. The platform could identify trials that are investigating treatments for conditions related to the individual's genetic profile, or that are seeking participants with specific genetic variations.

  • Trial Participation and Follow-up: Individuals would participate in the clinical trial, with their health outcomes monitored and data collected for further research. This data would also feed back into the national genomic database, helping to refine and improve the trial matching process.

  • Feedback Loop: The results from these clinical trials would help to further improve the understanding of the relationships between genetics, disease, and treatment response. This would enable more accurate clinical trial matching in the future, and could also contribute to the development of more effective, personalised treatments for the nation’s citizens.

Throughout this process, care would be taken to ensure that individuals' data is handled securely and confidentially, and that individuals are kept informed and have control over their participation in clinical trials.

Together, we can harness the power of genomics to improve global health and healthcare systems, driving innovation and advancement for a brighter future. Contact us today for more information about our national genomic platform at or visit

How the Akkure Platform Integrates into a Government’s National Genomic Programme:

Empowering Patients

Akkure Genomics puts people back in control of their medical and genetic data by securely hosting it and allowing read-only access to researchers.


The company calls on patients to create communities of "Medical Digital Twins" on the Akkure platform. Akkure then partners with prospective researchers to analyse the insights contained in this data. Patients are in control of who sees their data and what it is used for, ensuring patient privacy and security while contributing to the advancement of precision medicine​​.


Akkure Genomics is leading the way in the development of next-generation precision medicine. By leveraging AI and national genomic programmes, the company is improving clinical trial matching and recruitment, ultimately benefiting both patients and pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials. The future of precision medicine is here, and Akkure Genomics is at its helm.

Akkure's Data Analysis
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